Historical Silk Technologies

1 Introduction. Seri-Technics: Historical Silk Technologies
Dagmar Schäfer, Giorgio Riello, Luca Molà
2 The Silk Cycle in China and its Migration
Claudio Zanier
3 The Silken Tug-of-War in Eighteenth-Century Lyons: The Gendered Nature of Knowledge in the Grande Fabrique
Daryl Hafter
4 Sericulture and its Complementary: Wild Silk Production in China’s Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Mau Chuan-hui
5 The Culture and Economics of Silk Weaving During the Vijayanagar Era (1336–1646) in South India
Vijaya Ramaswamy
6 Panni tartarici: Fortune, Use, and the Cultural Reception of Oriental Silks in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth-century European Mindset
Maria Ludovica Rosati